Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Ok so here is my Wednesday show and tell. I wasn't sure if I should show this or not but I decided that I'd just go for it. The next two photos are todays view from my studio window. Yes I know that I'd been keeping it a big secret. I think  it's because I'm not in it very often which I know is really bad but hey, that's life. I'm trying very hard to go to it at least twice a week. I was there yesterday and today for 4 hours each. Not very much but enough, not sure how much work I get done especially with such a great view. Maybe because I've made it public I'll make a greater effort to produce more work. It's more of a painty place than a stitching place although I do have an old sewing machine there and an iron so there is really no excuse...
  The next two photos are a piece of cloth I painted yesterday. I decided to wrap it round a plastic container with thread round it to hold it in place. I then dry brushed on another colour, the darker one. The first picture doesn't show much as the cloth was really too long for it to work properly. The second photo shows the area that worked a bit better. I've used acrylic paint for this.

 Now the next five photos show todays work, working Wednesday. I took them on my phone, loaded them onto my computer and turned them so they sat straight. Right then, why are they all at the side and upside down then? Sorry haven't got a clue and don't know how to fix it so you'll just have to get a warped view of it. Hey this could be 'warped Wednesday work'! Trying in vain to get the three 'w's' featured...oh well. :o)

I'm sure that you can figure out that there is a bit of a landscape, seascape theme happening here. I'm preparing some ideas for my ladies stitching class on Friday so that's all for now. Let's not get prepared too far in advance!!!!

I'll leave you with a couple more views from the studio window...aaah....!

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