Sunday, 28 February 2010


towards the next craft fair on Saturday 6th march at Morningside, Edinburgh
I was trying to make a few new unframed pieces, this is a small snippet of one of them.
 A bit of a challenge the other night when I was carrying my bead box (aka shirt box) up the stairs, an accident waiting to happen I'd say with my box being the most wobbly kind of box there is. Yes I dropped it. Evidence here...
I do think that I got off lightly as most of the beads are either in plastic bags or boxes and none of them burst open, whew!
This picture shows all that spilt out...
  I still see the odd glistening piece as I go up and down the stairs all the same. Think it may end up being like pine needles from the Christmas tree. No matter how many times you hoover up they still appear months later!
I'd been beading some of my heart brooches...
think I may have shown snippets of these in the past. I seem to have made a meal of working on them. I think this may be the last lot like them as I've had a few new ideas which I'm keen to try out. I hope to get them done soon.
Think that's it for now, back soon,
Byeee! :o)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My new blog...

I've done it! I've started my other blog which is just my name .
 It'll contain mostly things I'm making for craft fairs, galleries, etsy and exhibitions. I will probably keep posting here on ominnimo from time to time as I'm always trying out new things. So feel free to drop in.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

craft fair...

I was at the Morningside makers market yesterday. It was a great day. You'll see a picture of my stall on their blog. Just follow the link above.
I'll be doing a bit of blog revamping very soon. So watch this space!
Bye for now,