Wednesday, 10 December 2008

just noticed that this is post 60...

...then I forgot what I was doing and published the heading on its own. Obviously lost the plot! Anyway here I am with what I'd intended to show in the first place.
Some more pieces of fabric making for some Christmas hearts (surprise surprise!)

...just some more of the usual, bonding , foiling, couching and free machine embroidery. Nothing new then!!
some pieces of fancy yarns and sheers...

... then of course, the extreme close up!! Maybe should have turned the picture round!

... you can see a bit of the indented shapes made by the free machining on this one. I mainly scribble with the needle when working on my machine. I don't set out with a particular pattern in mind, it just evolves. Sometimes it is influenced by what I've added to it and I allow it to grow from there.

Oh! Yes, here are a few of this years angels, pretty similar to last years I have to say.
That's it then, here's to the next 60!!! :o)