Sunday, 30 May 2010

about time....

I got down to posting a bit more. So... I thought that I'd show some of my recent scoops...This lovely batik fabric which I put in the wash with the white items and a colour catcher. I'm so glad I did as the colour catcher came out the same colour as the maroon on the batik. Can't believe how well the white fabric came out. There was the slightest bloom of pink on them but you really don't notice it. Whew!!Sorry about the shadow on this photo. The embroidered piece is an organza handkerchief... for show I presume!!I also had a pink moment! The pink cord is elastic... got some ideas for that and the pink gingham trim is elasticated as well....haven't a clue what I'll do with that but I liked it....the fabric is a pair of cotton pyjamas...great for recycling and for using in my latest little project!

Here they are... my latest! I've been making mini bunting. I've used a selection of new, vintage and recycled fabric. They are on sale in the seriously scrummy shop Kit & Caboodle in Newburgh Fife, Scotland!
I had so much fun making them that I hope they do well.
That's it for now.
Back soon!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

saw this...

dashed out just before eight this evening to capture this. The white blob was a seagull who happened to fly into view just as the camera went click! Unfortunately I've missed most of the other rainbow that was further out. You can just about see it in the seagull picture.Now is the pot of gold at this side of the trees or at the back? Mmmm....
I've been busy getting work ready for craft fairs this past while. Have managed to post a few pictures on flickr today. Hope to have something for this blog soon.