Wednesday, 30 April 2008

From this...

beginning to an unexpected end result!I followed instructions from a Quilting Arts or a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, sorry can't remember which one it was.
I embellished muslin onto a velvet base, then felt circles, then some bondaweb...

Holes cut out, somehow didn't really get that part! Then some hot foiling, think I had gone a bit off track by this time! Look you can even see the iron mark. Tsk, tsk a bit careless I think.

I really didn't like the end result. I'm sure that I could have added lots more to it, hand or machine stitching, more embellishing or even some more iron shaped foiling!! However I took the easy option and cut it up, with a purpose of course. I needed some more brooches for the shop and I thought that fish were the answer! I hated the red circles so I managed to cut out a whole heap of fish shapes narrowly avoiding the nasty red! Here are a couple of snippets...

...yes, I know you're supposed to photograph the things before they go into the cellophane packet!!! (think I may have done that before!!)

I've decided that it was meant as the cellophane looks like water..... a bit!
Oops! Just realised that I'd added a little bit of blue wool tops to the finished piece of fabric before I cut it up. You can see a little of it on the fish. (I really must keep a note of what I do to these pieces, it's amazing how quickly I forget). I added some free machining with variegated thread and free machined satin stitch edge. The tail was made from organza and finally a little sequin and seed bead for its eye.
That's it for now, last post for April. I've decided on a theme for next month. It's going to be "close ups"!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

busy, busy, busy...again!

...thought that I'd just manage to get a little play in amongst all this busy, busy, busy!!
I've had a little play around with these photos. Can't even remember if I posted this one last time or not. The photo above is the original one.
Anyway, here are the results of some altered photos...

...easy embossing (just press the button!)
...some seriously yummy colours...

...yes there's more!...


Couldn't resist all of these, just had to share. Must have a go with some of my other sploshes and dribbled artwork pieces!
Well that's it for now, maybe some stitching next time...Byeee!
Oops!, just checked and I had posted the original photo in my previous post, sorry!

Monday, 14 April 2008

A busy weekend...

...I was at a course run by Group XII Textile Artists. Our tutor for the two days was Mary Sleigh. We all had a great time. There's nothing better than slapping a bit of paint around for a whole weekend!! Here are a few photos of some of the work I managed to get through...
... this seemed to crackle because it was quite a wet area and I dried it off with the hairdrier.
...some dribbling and spattering!

..I loved the grids I managed to get. It was amazing how each person achieved a different result.

...some text with acrylic paint dragged over it. Think I'll try more of this as I liked the effect.

I really liked doing this as well, writing into thick paint.
That's it for now.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A fishy tail...

... Hi! Here we are in a new month already! Can hardly believe it. Anyway I promised a reveal on some of the photos from last month. Here are a few from the black and white can guess what it is now I'm sure!
... three little fishes!...
Here they are, a bundle of black and white fish cushions destined for the shop, in fact they are there already!
Kept it really simple on the back, one piece of fabric and my name label.

Think this design if my favourite. I'm hoping to do more cushions. I think some tartan fish would go really well in Funky Scottish!
That's it for now, oh almost forgot to say I've got some cushions in the current edition of Classic Stitches magazine (ISSUE 86). There are lots of lovely things in this issue including an article on my City & Guilds tutor and her friend who is also an embroidery tutor!
I'll dig out some photos and add them to my next post.
Bye for now.