Monday, 23 January 2012

yum, yum...

...enjoying these. A Christmas gift from the ladies at my creative embroidery class. I'm taking my time over them and not doing my usual guzzle. Mmm, wonder what I could use the packaging for?!* 
I've spent most of yesterday and today working on this sample. I do enjoy a bit of canvaswork. This is to take to my class on Friday. I'm going to make it into a notebook, this is the cover ( a bit obvious I know, sorry). 

I've used a lot of my own hand dyed threads for once.
I really want to work more with my own dyed stuff as I have a lot of fabrics with matching threads. I can feel a bit of crazy patchwork/quilting coming on! 
The lovely variegated perle above is one of the Anchor threads, No. 5. 
I'm not working to a pattern, it's just evolving like most of the things I do. I've been working some of my favourite stitches. Cushion stitch, Norwich stitch, rice stitch, simplified rice stich and diamond eyelet (see below). 
I still have a bit to finish . I've been doing so much machining lately that I'd forgotten how long hand stitching took! 
Bye for now, got to get stitching! :o)x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hello kitty!

Yes, you're right, not the usual thing for me. I couldn't resist buying this the other day, in fact couldn't resist two to be exact. Well it's a nice little tin of mints, eat the mints, keep the tin. Oh yes, then there was the price...10p! :o))

Then there was a lovely surprise inside, not only are they mint flavour (fairly strong I have to say) but they are in the shape of a bow, cute or what!

Back to reality and the mess on my table. I've been busy working on one of the projects I really should have finished last year!!! Got to go and get on.....Byee!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

This morning...

 I dashed out this morning to take these photos. I see that one has focused on the branches above me and thankfully, one on the sunrise.
Note to self - must remember to take my glasses with me when photographing stuff!
This picture is a good example of the 'no glasses' syndrome. I couldn't see the screen on the camera properly and half a bird was the result! 
Finallly got the cheeky devil, sitting on the bird feeder indeed!
The original idea with the feeder and sparrow hawk was a good one I think but just a shame I didn't get it all in one!!. :o(
Until next time... :o)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


None, I've not made any, but I may adopt a motto for the year.
I was reading my 'horror'scope for 2012, I don't really bother about them.
This one however gave a motto for the year and mine was 'Just do it' !
Ok think maybe it's about time I did just that!

Here's to 2012, I wish you all the best!