Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hi there! Thought that I'd share what I was doing the other day.
I was dyeing fabric and had such a good day that I thought that it was the perfect way to get this blog up and running again. I'd thought about giving all the excuses of why I'd not been posting but hey, that's history so lets just scratch the last few months and start again.
Here is my start...

The one on the left had been folded down the length and the one in the middle was folded across the middle. I hadn't realised at the time but really liked the result. Will probably try that again.
This one was at the bottom of a bundle of fabric and the dye wasn't able to penetrate down to it. When I noticed it was too late to do anything about it. I thought that it turned out pretty good but probably it'll be a complete one off as I'd probably never be able to reproduce it.
This is a piece of silk velvet that I space dyed. I just love velvet!

Well sadly that is all for now as blogger seems to be taking ages to load my photos and out of the nine that I had lined up it only loaded the three above. I'm also having a fight with the font that I want it just doesn't want to retain it between photos. There are more glitches but I'll not go on. Not exactly the start that wanted, but it's a start all the same!

Bye for now.

PS. Not only have I had all these problems but I went and posted this on my other blog!!!! aaaargh.... I've now taken ages to copy and upload the photos one at a time to get to this point...again!!!!!!! I'm away this time, I hope!
! :o)