Wednesday, 25 April 2012

www 7....

...this weeks Wednesday, three 'ws' . I have to say that Wednesday started well. Met a friend for tea and bacon rolls, loads of chatting then cream cake and cup of tea! We were there for quite a while!
Didn't start this until late afternoon, break for tea then a bit of work into the evening. Just more of my usual strips of fabric, mostly silk and a few hand dyed pieces a bit of a break from the sheers, I've couched on a selection of fancy yarns. I knotted one of them first which you can see below.
Nothing new, just some of my heart shapes cut out to make into cards. Not quite sure if I've got them right or not, it's a while since I last made them.
I've added the usual button and a few little kisses (cross stitches). I've even cut out a flower shape from lace. I don't normally do hand stitching on my cards as they are usually free machined. These I felt needed a little extra touch hence the kisses.

Sorry if these photos don't show up well, the light was going, I took some at the window with the remaining light (don't think I've used any of these) then used the flash on most of the others. Think the last one was taken under my light rather than with the flash.
I'm off to finish some changed my mind I'm off to bed, falling asleep infront of the screen!! 

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