Saturday, 5 December 2009

busy in Christmas mode...

Ha, ha, ha,... well I thought that they looked like they were laughing! :o)
This years angels. I decided to make them a bit different from the ones I did last year. These ones have faces and self coloured skirts. The rest is pretty much the same.
I liked the wings on this one.
Then there were the stars, in production.
I liked the photo with the red pin because i thought that it looked like a berry....oh simple things!!! I think the star shaped machining kinda got lost ...might try it again on something different.
A batch ready to go onto their backing.

One of those "red berries" again!

I haven't really done any Christmas cards this year. May still have a bash.
I was thinking that I would start up an etsy shop.... Not quite decided as yet. Probably a bit late to get it done for this Christmas. That is if anyone would want to buy the things I make on line.
I know they sell in Funky Scottish and in Culross Pottery in Fife.
Oh well, I'll think about it for next year.
That's it for now.
Byeeee! :o)

Thursday, 12 November 2009


I can always do more than one post at a time! These are another four!!!

You know when you did dressmaking... you always tested the machine to see if it was stitching correctly before you embarked on seam sewing etc. Well...I obviously completely forgot about that stage... evidence in the photos!

I have to say that I do rather like the loopy stitches all the same. Gives a bit more texture don't you think?

This is the front of the piece. You wouldn't really know how much dodgy stitching there was at the back from the look of it!
Yes you've guessed it. Scrunched gold tissue paper bonded onto calico, stamped design (homemade, of course!), free machining.
You know, I think I do like the other side better!
Think I'll go now....
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Then there were four...

These are a few images from some of my recent, surprise, surprise, heart brooches.

The first two photos are from my large heart brooches. They get a lot more work done on them. I've applied some transfered dyed velvet and some additional free machining and then I'll bead them before finishing them off. I'll sometimes do some embroidery on them as well.

These two photos are from my small heart brooches.

What about the title? Well for some reason I can only get Picasa to upload 4 photos although I had tagged six. I tried to upload them from my usual source but blogger wouldn't take the. So I had to go back to Picasa hence the four!
This is what happens when you are not really computer literate, havent posted for a while (sorry! :o() and the grey cells are failing! Maybe I shouldn't overdo the excuses!!
Oh well I'll have to do lots of posts now if I can only upload in fours!!!! :O)
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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

here they are....

this was the first piece that I worked on, fabric, paint and stitch, chopped up and linked back together again. It's great how it can be manipulated but still hold together.
Some calico, Lutradur and stitch then burt with the heat tool.
A little closer....took these outside this evening with the flash as it was starting to get dark and as you can see the rain was just starting to fall.
This one has come out even darker!
This is another of these photos that I've forgotten to turn before posting!
Different fabrics joined together with machine and hand stitching. Just like the old fashioned Christmas decorations!
Some Acetate this time with paint, hand and machine stitching, sorry about the flashy bits!
Some linked fabric pieces...
Some more of the same shaped pieces but linked in a different way...and the photo is round the wrong way!
Calico, garden fleece (burnt), machine and hand stitching. I made the beads from offcuts and wire when I came home.
Didn't realise this is almost the same as the previous photo. Never mind.
I've just deleted another photo!!!! I'll save it for the next time.
Check out Dawn's book for some of the instructions .
"TRANSPARENCY IN TEXTILES" by DAWN THORNE (hope I got the link ok, it should take you to Amazon).
If you'd rather support The Embroiderers' Guild and buy from them try
If you get the chance to go to a workshop taken by Dawn then I would recommend it. I had a great time and hope to develop some of the ideas into my own work.
Thank You, Dawn for the inspiration and such a lovely time at the Embroiderers' Guild Scottish Branches Summer School, Stirling.
Bye for now.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Embroiderers' Guild...

Had a fantastic weekend at Stirling with the Scottish Region of the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School. I was in a class taken by Dawn Thorne which was great. I came away with loads of ideas. I'll share the fruits in my next this space!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

holiday snaps....

" .......98, 99, 100, here I come ready or not...."
", you move over...!
"...hope she doesn't roll over..."
"...are you looking at me?..."
Thought that I'd share these holiday snaps.
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Saturday, 22 August 2009

and the rest.....

this is the deleted photo, progress....
and here is a close up of one of the ones I was working on. I think that is one that is finished.
I thought that maybe they needed a little addition.... which one will I choose.....
Have just realised that this post probably won't make any sense without reading the prevoius one!
Bye for now.....
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starting now....

decided to show a few photos of my latest. I'll catch up with what I've been doing between last post and now, was it really that long ago!!!!
I was running low on my cards so decided to make a batch. I tend to work like that, nothing for ages then blitz, loads of stuff.
I spent most of yesterday working on these but am not sure if they are going to be ok or not. I felt that they were a bit aimless. You probably can't really tell as I haven't shown a completed one in the photos.

I'm using Picasa now for my photos but although I tagged 6 pictures it only seems to have uploaded 4. I've also been having a problem with my new camera uploading things because my card reader won't read the camera card and going direct from the camera eats loads of power and , and, and .....basically I need to get back to the drawing board on this one.
I've taken the last lot of photos on my old camera.
Obviously it all needs a bit of thought.
Keep taking the tablets!!!!
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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

found these...

these were a few pictures that I took at the beginning of January this year.
I thought that they were quite inspirational. Not that I usually get round to using half of the inspiational pictures I take.

Thought that I'd tagged another picture for posting. Obviously not.
Also I'm not sure if I've jiggered the layout on this. Oh well.

I'm busy trying to get things ready for the Pittenweem Arts festival again this year. I'll probably be in Funky Scottish, High Street, Pittenweem ,(opposite the Post Office) most days. Say"Hi" if you come in to visit.
I'm trying to stock up with my unframed seashore pieces along with the usual heart and flower brooches.
I really must try and get some new designs.
It's a bit strange how I manage to leave things right to the last minute before I get into gear. I've only known about it for...mmm...lets see.... oh yes, a whole year!!!!
Maybe that's just how I work. I'll try and post some stitched pieces next time.
PS I've not been wasting my time since my last post. I 've been dyeing and printing with Procion dyes and basically having a whole load of fun. I'll show some of the results once I get some photos taken.

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

random photos...

This was what was left afterI'd been doing some printing. I decided to scribble in the paint and take a few photos to remind me what it had looked like. I may have a shot at manupulating this on the computer. One of these days!

This was an old stitched piece that was lurking around. I keep picking it up to see if I can use it but the answer is always no. I can never find the right location for it. The background fabric is one of my recent makes . It is really quite big for me but as yet is still hanging on my pinboard awaiting inspiration. I hope it comes soon as I'd like to stitch a bigger piece.
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