Friday, 31 August 2007

Great weekend...

at Stirling. I was on a course run by the Embroiderers' Guild, Scottish Branches. I chose to do Clyde Oliver have a look at his blog, he's doing some great work with slate. Here are the results of my weekend... Thought that this looked like one of my beach photos...some flotsam and jetsam.

This was my name badge which evolved over the weekend. I had great fun adding a piece before each break.
Just had to make a button!!
I've had this piece of slate for almost 30 years! See... they do come in handy after all!!
Found that I could mess around with the pictures... mmm... interesting.
Blurred , sorry.
Think the coloured image definitely has a stitched feel to it. I knew that you could do lots of fancy things to your pictures on the computer but had no idea what to do. Maybe another "watch this space" is required!...
Thought this looked like a candle which rather put me off!
Thoroughly enjoyed binding and stitching my driftwood.
At the top you will see my curved needle which I broke with the pliers.
News Flash!!!!! Embroiderers must now have needles, thread, hammer, pliers, electric drill included in their sewing kit!! Oh, I know, if you've done City & Guilds embroidery then you'll have that already along with the soldering iron and emulsion paint!
That's all for now, byeee.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Did I tell you?.....

I have just got one of these!!! ...

I've had difficulty getting on it because my son has been hogging it!!!!

These are just a small amount of his creations. Thay are all his own ideas.

When I did get on the machine I tried using some fabric snips and yarns that I had hanging around... Just knew that I'd been saving them for something!
I do like a good heart now and again.... sorry that the photo is a wee bit blurred.

I also had a try at my little shoreline pieces. Interestingly enough after putting on all my fabrics with the embellisher I decided to do some free machine work and found that it was extremely thick. I almost couldn't get it to stitch. So I think less embellishing to begin with, maybe even using it to tack the fabric in place then the machine work, then maybe back for some final embellishing if required. You can tell I'm just a beginner at this... Practice makes perfect... so they say!

These originally started out as one piece of work which I cut up thinking that I'd use them for cards. I was never very happy with them in fact they almost went in the bin a few weeks ago. I'd even tried embroidering on them and still didn't like them. Anyway one hit on the embellisher and I was away, I'd found the answer. Here they are before I put them on cards.....

Then I had a play with some more brooch (pin) ideas....That's it for now,


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

time flies...

can't belive that I've not said anything since the 6th. I was up and down to Pittenweem several times last week so that kept me busy. The weather kept good other than the last Saturday but luckily that was my day for stewarding so I was indoors all day. The exhibition was very successful with lots of sales which was great.These are a few of the unframed pieces I had in the exhibition... I also sent some brooches (pins) that I'd shown snippets of before...

That's all for back soon!

Monday, 6 August 2007


...something new. I can't believe how big my photos are when you click on them. I've uploaded this as a large photo to see if it makes a difference.

Here goes...

I'll be back!..............

Ah ha! I can't click on it. That's good for some photos I think. I'll still put some in where they can be enlarged. It's always nice to get in nice and close don't you think.
This photo is one of the brooches I make. I've shown close up photos of the new ones I made for the Edge exhibition at Pittenweem. Before the beads that is.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I said in a previous post that I would show the work that I sent to the Group XII exhibition.

This was my first idea to have faces on my people.

Some transfer painted faces...well rather a lot of faces. I was having fun!
Detail from the main panel. I may have shown this already.

Here they are, a set of three. I decided in the end not to use the faces after all. They are all stretched on artists canvas.

My other piece was framed.
This was taken before it was framed and yes I really did add some acrylic paint to the pieces once they had been stitched. Mainly the clouds.


That's it for now.
P.S. I think some of these faces could be heading for some ATCs. I've not made any before and fancy giving it a go. I'll let you know how they turn out...if at all!