Friday, 27 February 2009

found it!

at least I hope it's the one!...thought that I would show the whole "shape" as well.
Mmmm, that'll be a heart then... surprise, surprise !!
Bye for now,

printing... are a few of the promised images of my play with printing. I was using a combination of acrylic paint, printing ink and markal stick on calico. I decided to cut out some shapes from the printed fabric and attach them to purchased calico bags by way of free machining. I used the printing as a guide for my stitching.
... oh, goodness there's a little heart !! :o)
...playing with the machine, I love it !
It was great to follow the printing and just see what shapes you ended up with...

... with of course a little added twirl here and there just for good measure! Never!! another heart, well who would believe it!!! :o) oops, just realised that's the same photo!!, Oh well, wonder what the photo was that I missed!

All those extra twirls here and there made a big difference to the design on the reverse. A bit of a floral theme going on here as well!

That's it for now,
Byeeee ! :o)

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

2009 stuff...

This is a little bit of fabric making similar idea to the fabric I made for the Valentine's hearts. In fact that is what I'm going to make with this piece of fabric. More hearts, surprise, surprise. ....
I really must come up with another shape soon...
I tend to take lots of photos then only post a few. Thought that I'd put more up this time. (oops, it's taking longer thatn I thought, I'll post the rest soon!)
Mind you they are starting to look pretty similar! It's probably not worth putting masses of the same.
Think that three of this is more than enough!

This one is a little picture, landscape, standin' stanes, that kind of thing. Just made up out of my head. It is a combination of free machine embroidery and embellished marino fibres.
Think it's nearly finished now.
This was it earlier much earlier... in fact I started it last year!

I've got some pictures of fabric I've printed but think I'll keep them for the next post.

That's it then, for now,



Sunday, 8 February 2009

Heart time again!!!

Yes that's right folks, me who never needs an excuse to make a bunch of hearts!!! Good old Valentines Day...Don't you just hate when this happens whilst free machining. I do !! The only remedy for it is to snip the couched yarn. At least with free machining it's easy enough to anchor it back down without it really being noticed. Not so bad when it happens at the edge of the fabric like this one, it probably missed the heart shape and ended up on the waste pile!
I like the combination of the sheer fabrics with the fancy yarns that you can get nowadays.

I particularly like the colour combination on these ones. Must remember it and try it again sometime. I've been starting to add little amounts of different types of fabric in these not sure if you can see the little piece of blue diamond patterned fabric peeping out on the one above.
Some of these fabrics really fray quite a lot. I like this type of edge so that's ok.

That was definitely not taken on a yellow background and I think these hearts were in the pinky red range rather than the orangy red. Of course that might just be the inspiration for the next piece of fabric I make...
Anyway, these are some of the hearts cut out from the "made" fabric. Don't know if you can see it but I tried machining little hearts as I went along. Of course it ended up being an after thought so there wasn't a lot of room left for them otherwise they might have been covered in them!
This batch of hearts have had a little zigzag added to their edges. I liked the touch of green on these ones.I have made about three different batches so far. I only get about eight at the most out of the pieces of fabric. I think that I prefer to work on smaller pieces of fabric, it keeps them more interesting.

Fiddling about with buttons (I love buttons :o)) The one at bottom right was just a bit on the big size but I was just throwing my bundle of red buttons around to see what went where, if at all!

I decided to do some black and white cards as I know these colours are very popular at the moment. I added a pearly button althugh I think that they were more like a shell button rather than mother of pearl. They were a bit old and tired bit I thought they went ok.

I thought that they could be used as wedding cards as well. If they sell well I can see me trying a whole load of them all in different colourways.
Here I go again, any excuse for making a bunch of hearts
Happy Valentines Day when it comes... :o)