Monday, 31 August 2009

Embroiderers' Guild...

Had a fantastic weekend at Stirling with the Scottish Region of the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School. I was in a class taken by Dawn Thorne which was great. I came away with loads of ideas. I'll share the fruits in my next this space!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

holiday snaps....

" .......98, 99, 100, here I come ready or not...."
", you move over...!
"...hope she doesn't roll over..."
"...are you looking at me?..."
Thought that I'd share these holiday snaps.
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Saturday, 22 August 2009

and the rest.....

this is the deleted photo, progress....
and here is a close up of one of the ones I was working on. I think that is one that is finished.
I thought that maybe they needed a little addition.... which one will I choose.....
Have just realised that this post probably won't make any sense without reading the prevoius one!
Bye for now.....
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starting now....

decided to show a few photos of my latest. I'll catch up with what I've been doing between last post and now, was it really that long ago!!!!
I was running low on my cards so decided to make a batch. I tend to work like that, nothing for ages then blitz, loads of stuff.
I spent most of yesterday working on these but am not sure if they are going to be ok or not. I felt that they were a bit aimless. You probably can't really tell as I haven't shown a completed one in the photos.

I'm using Picasa now for my photos but although I tagged 6 pictures it only seems to have uploaded 4. I've also been having a problem with my new camera uploading things because my card reader won't read the camera card and going direct from the camera eats loads of power and , and, and .....basically I need to get back to the drawing board on this one.
I've taken the last lot of photos on my old camera.
Obviously it all needs a bit of thought.
Keep taking the tablets!!!!
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