Tuesday, 25 March 2008

25th March...

...day 10! oops, obviously there is no way that I can do a post a day!
Anyway I'm here now and actually 10 posts in one month is probably a record for me anyway.

I've been busy at the shop/gallery I was in this weekend, lots of people browsing! Mind you it was really cold in the wind with a flurry of snow now and again probably keeping most people cozy indoors!
I'm going down soon as a Tuesday is going to be my day for now, we will also be open again this weekend as there are open studios in Pittenweem (29th and 30th March).

Here are a few images of a couple of little panels that I've just put in the shop. I've float mounted them onto board and wrapped them in cellophane.

...thankfully I remembered to take the photos before I wrapped them!

... this one was just a bit of fun I was wanting to use a piece of tweed that I had. I used the embellisher to work the "plantpot" but I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not. I'd worked it from the back and it has covered a lot of the tweed. It's given it a softer look.
No matter, sometimes you just have to try a thing to see if it'll work or not.

Anyway, that's it for now, got to go,

Thursday, 13 March 2008

13th March...

... I can now reveal some work I did for Classic stitches magazine as it has now been published. These are some of the pictures I took of the three covered notebooks before I sent them in. To check out more photos or how to make them then check out -

For this piece I used some of my hand dyed fabric ( obviously a different batch from Saturdays dyeing session!)

...It was lovely digging out the old embroidery trimmings to use on this one. I never thought that I'd use any of them but I thought that they went really well with the patchwork fabric and the hand stitching.

I couched down the ribbon in the shape of a bow and added beaded edges to this one.

This one was mostly made up from vintage fabric. I suppose we can class old Laura Ashley fabric as vintage!

...The hand dyed one again with its mixture of buttons.
That's all folks, bye for now!

Monday, 10 March 2008

10th March...

...day eight!...
...This is what I was doing on Saturday... Somehow I think you can guess what I was doing!

... how come you never see the thread going right across the photo when you are taking it!! Then you forget to turn the photo before you upload it!!...mutter, mutter...

... a little bit of shaded dying....

...and some graduated dyeing...
...and some space dyeing. How about the silk velvet, don't you just love it!
Actually I don't think the photos really do the colours justice.
This was a class run by my branch of the Embroiderers' Guild.
A big thank you to Dorothy who took the class, it was a great day, we learnt a lot and all had a great time. Thanks!

...mmm... now what am I going to do with all this lovely fabric?!*:-)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

9th March...

...this is day seven, already lagging behind. Anyway here is a continuation from the last post!
As you can see I was playing around with some Lutrador. My sister brought it over from Australia with her last year and we had a little play with it I know that I can get it here but it was fun. I never got round to writing up the notes so hope I get this right. The photo above shows the Lutrador bonded onto two pieces of felt and one piece of calico, some free machining and a blast of hot air!
We continued with the samples by trying out the soldering iron as well. I liked the way you can draw with it and get more defined holes and patterns.

The black and red on the left is one of my Indian wood printing blocks (still with the red paint on it!) this was printed onto the yellow felt before the Lutrador was bonded on. We added some free machining echoing the wood block design.

This was the result once it was blasted with the hot air tool along with the photo from my last post (it had some cable free machining as well) .
I suppose you could go on to add some hand stitching and beading but I think I'll just keep it as a sample. I may try and melt it again to reveal more of the red stamping below.
That's it for now.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

6th March...

...sorry folks I'm having difficulty uploading photos at the moment so I'll leave this one, the only one I've managed to upload. I'll give out the info about it tomorrow along with the rest of the photos... I hope!

Before I go a big thank you for yesterday's comments I was thinking that maybe this hadn't been a good idea trying to post as often but it's nice to know that people appreciate it even if it is only a few images. Thanks again.


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

5th March...

Day five... a vintage day!

... I love old mother of pearl buttons and vintage linen.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

4th March...

day four. Oh I'm enjoying this. Make the most of it though because I might not make it all the way!

a couple of vintage buttons.
I might add a few different photos here and there to pad things out i.e. images from my button collection or maybe some of my vintage embroidered cloths.

Monday, 3 March 2008

3rd March...

...day three... these are probably easier to guess.
...some embellished sheers and machine embroidery using my favourite, variegated thread.

...some muslin and wool tops lurking in here...

...some trashed eyelash yarn, at least that's what I call it once the embellisher has had a go at it. The centre is a fine silk.

...a bit of the old glitz!... sequins and beads...

...obviously a bit more carried away with the machine embroidery on this one.
Oh well, that's it for now
See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

2nd March...

...day two... I've decided to make this a month of little tasters with a reveal at the end of the month... or at least that's what I'll try to do!
...for the shop...

... caught in the light...

That's it...can you guess what it is yet?!!!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Yoo Hoo! ... I'm back!!!!!...

... I'm so sorry that I've not been around lately. I've been really busy with lots of exciting stuff. I can now let you all know that I've got exhibition space in a shop called Funky Scottish in Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland ( if you didn't know where that was!). Anyway I'll give out some more information soon along with some images from the gallery/shop.
I'm going to be involved in setting up stitch/embroidery classes there soon as well. They'll probably be day classes. All will be revealed once I get things worked out.

I've put together a selection of pictures to make up for my absence...

I had originally stitched the flower shape with a blue thread but it didn't show up well so I went over it with a cable stitch...

...added some hand stitching...

and it's done. Still lurking around in a basket!

...little bits of hand dyed fabric (cotton, muslin velvet), machine embroidery and some hand stitching.

Had an idea that I would have made this one into a brooch (pin) but that's as far as it got now it's just another one lounging around in a basket!

...I just love hand dyed muslin!... another basket case!

...some more hand dyed fabrics, machine and hand stitching with a few beads this time. I really must use these one of these days!

Now for a few photos of some more heart brooches I was making for the shop...

This was the fabric I made, layers of sheers and free machining ...

...a few close ups...

I was trying to get a tartan feel to the fabric.

The hearts cut out ready for some hand stitching and beads.

...Just my initials, honest!!

... getting a bit carried away..., funny thing is I don't put these labels on the brooches!

All just a bit of fun... here is the finished article. Can't sell this one as I slipped up on the back when I was doing the satin stitch. Oh dear that means I'll just have to keep it! Lucky for me I quite liked this one!!
...the close up photos are a bit clearer.

One last photo which I thought was pretty neat..... blanket stitched sky!!!
Trust me it did look like stitching!
That's it for now. I had a wild notion to post some thing every day in March to make up for being away and to make it worth while if you dropped by. Maybe I shouldn't make any rash promises!!
Well, I might give it a go, even if it's just a picture a day. Mmmm, better get the camera batteries charged...now where did I put the charger!!!***
That's it for now, byeeee!