Monday, 8 September 2008


...I've been busy making loads of little pieces for cards. I need them for exhibitions and the shop/gallery. I can't believe that they take so long to do, probably hardly worth doing them, but I like to. I've worked on a batch of hearts, surprise surprise!...trying to change them as I go... is one of the heaps!

...and here's another!
These are my little leaf pieces. The format is repeatable but I like to make little changes as I go along, just like the heart pieces.

I liked the colour of these. I used a piece of hand dyed fabric under the sheer fabric.

I'm sure you'll recognise some of the fancy yarns I've used on them...

I like a little bit of glitz!

A little bit of gold ribbon on this one.
That's all for now, but I have bits of my work from the Embroiderers' Guild (Scottish Branches) summer school at Stirling to share with you. I'll need to photograph them as my batteries had run out at the time which was a real pity. Anyway I'll post something about it once I've got that done.
Bye for now,