Friday, 23 May 2008

a little bit of colour...

... and some close ups! The usual, embellisher, free machining and hand stitching!

Random areas of a little panel.

I like machining with variegated thread although it's sometimes a bit of a hit or a miss getting the right colour in the right place but that's what I like about it, the unpredictability.

Maybe should have turned this photo!

It was nice to work with a bigger range of colours this time.
That's it for now.
Byee! :o)
I wish you could get the wee smiley face the right way round! I like this one with the big nose!! :o)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

maximum on flickr...

... can't remember if I said before but I've run into a flickr maximum of 200 images. I managed to ditch some images that hadn't been viewed the last time but when it said it was a free account I hadn't realised that there was in fact a limit to it. Maybe that was because I failed to read the small print!... Such a shame I was really getting into it. I suppose that I'll have to upgrade to a pro account as I'm running out of images to ditch! Anyway enough mumping and moaning and on to the images. Here are a few I took of the latest flower brooches/pins to go into Funky Scottish...
...I really enjoy making them. They're a bit of fun...

I like to mix the sizes and colours of the beads for the centres.

I found that I had loads of seed beads but not quite enough of the larger ones. I can't quite beleive that I actually had to go and buy some more!! ....... honest they were really needed!

Well that's it for this little batch of close up photos.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

some promised close up photos...

...some slightly clearer than others! I thought that I needed some more heart cards for the shop. These are a few of the results.
I liked the colours on the one above...even if it's a bit blurry!

....obviously forgot to turn the photo! oops!

...and another one!

Pretty basic, nothing too fancy...

They all have transfer painted velvet hearts with some cable free machining and a few hand stitched kisses!!
That's it for now,
Byee! :o)