Friday, 27 June 2008

getting carried away...

...I just love making pieces of fabric. I've been in my element recently making lots of pieces which I've been able to use...which is always a bonus!...a couple of close up shots to get you in the mood...
Oh! here they are or at least a few of the little hearts I've been making. I'm going to put a few on cards and some on cards with brooch backs in other words I'm going to have some brooch cards!
No I'm going to have a little heart brooch on a card..Good grief that was difficult!!
For a moment I did wonder what on earth I'd photographed them on, then I realised it was my parchment paper. Not really a good surface as you can see the scratches where I scrape of the bondaweb when it's stuck. Well, that way it lasts longer!!
... another couple of close ups... just because...

I always like to shuffle the shapes around.... I like to see the patterns you can make...

This one I felt worked well even if the photo wasn't really that great. Sorry!

...a little group...

...a bigger group... or in other words... a big heap!
That's it for now. I did think that although these are destined for Funky Scottish (I'm trying very hard to make lots of stock for the Pittenweem Arts Festival, did I tell you that it's on 2nd August until the 10th August 08. If I have, sorry I've told you again!)
Anyway I thought that I really would like to put a few things in my etsy shop. I registered my name when I set up my blog but have never got round to using it. I really couldn't think what to put in it. Maybe these could be the first...that is after Pittenweem week!! Of course I'm hoping that there won't be any left!!
...there probably will be. I did get carried away after all making lots of fabric and with that lots of little hearts. oh well, it was fun :o)
Byeeeee! :o)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

bit of a mix...

...I can't believe that I misssed out on my 50th post!. This is my 51st so I'll just have to save my celebrations for my 100th post!!. So here goes with number 51. A little bit of this and a little bit of that... ...these hearts keep croping up every now and again. I'm intending to do lots more so watch this space...
oops! didn't mean to upload this one. Never mind, it's just a WIP.

Hope to do a lot more work on it soon. It's the usual mixture of free machining the embllisher and some transfered dyed velvet.

This is a one of my "micro" panels. It's probably about the size of an ATC.

I've made a set of four "daisy" pictures, two I had framed up and the other two I mounted on board and packaged in cellophane as unframed pieces. I ended up abandoning trying to frame them myself and sent them to a framer. They make such a good job.The next two photos also come from an unframed piece.

Just a little set for today.
I'm off to see the Mongolian felting exhibition at the Collins Gallery in Glasgow tomorrow. Might manage to visit a few shops as well, oh dear! Poor me!!!
That's it for now,