Wednesday, 2 September 2009

here they are....

this was the first piece that I worked on, fabric, paint and stitch, chopped up and linked back together again. It's great how it can be manipulated but still hold together.
Some calico, Lutradur and stitch then burt with the heat tool.
A little closer....took these outside this evening with the flash as it was starting to get dark and as you can see the rain was just starting to fall.
This one has come out even darker!
This is another of these photos that I've forgotten to turn before posting!
Different fabrics joined together with machine and hand stitching. Just like the old fashioned Christmas decorations!
Some Acetate this time with paint, hand and machine stitching, sorry about the flashy bits!
Some linked fabric pieces...
Some more of the same shaped pieces but linked in a different way...and the photo is round the wrong way!
Calico, garden fleece (burnt), machine and hand stitching. I made the beads from offcuts and wire when I came home.
Didn't realise this is almost the same as the previous photo. Never mind.
I've just deleted another photo!!!! I'll save it for the next time.
Check out Dawn's book for some of the instructions .
"TRANSPARENCY IN TEXTILES" by DAWN THORNE (hope I got the link ok, it should take you to Amazon).
If you'd rather support The Embroiderers' Guild and buy from them try
If you get the chance to go to a workshop taken by Dawn then I would recommend it. I had a great time and hope to develop some of the ideas into my own work.
Thank You, Dawn for the inspiration and such a lovely time at the Embroiderers' Guild Scottish Branches Summer School, Stirling.
Bye for now.