Thursday, 29 March 2012


Ok, so it's Thursday, I forgot to post. In fact I actually forgot to take some photos yesterday. So here are the two out of four that loaded. I took them this morning but the work was done yesterday...honest!

I know, I'm not showing much, that's because it's in its early stages and it's for an exhibition...I hope.
I can tell you that the above piece has a mixture of fabrics, some painted with gesso, some printed (can't really see that in the picture), the beige is an old linen and some builders scrim as well as my all time favourite, calico. The lace and the linen came from a super charity shop. That's where I found the linen thread which you can see in the top photo. They had labels on them saying that they were Irish linen. A bit of a scoop I'd say.

Managed to load the other two photos. Above is another snip of what I was working on yesterday.

This photo shows some of the crochet mats that I found in that same charity shop. I hope you can see how fine the white one is on top. I don't know how they managed it and it is beautifully worked. I put the pen beside them to help with size.
Anyway, that's it for this week I hope to be on time next Wednesday.
Bye for now.