Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Will Wednesdays Work?.........

I've been having a think, dangerous I know. How could I start to blog a bit more often?  

Ok, so here's what I've come up with...Wednesdays! Original, I know. There is a plan, may have failed by next week but here goes.

Post every Wednesday....tah,dah! Ok, the plan is that I will post a stitched or not stitched photo every Wednesday. I will add some words for good measure.

Here's my photo from today (which will finish in about 15 minutes so I'll make this quick). I have made five birds today and have just finished mounting them about half an hour a go. I will take some pictures of the rest tomorrow. I may just pop them on my Flickr page...because it won't be Wednesday!!!!!!!!

Got to go, be back next week.
PS. There are some real birds on my Flickr page at the moment. A couple of little Red Polls, worth a look.

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