Wednesday, 21 March 2012


...working Wednesday work...ok so I'm going to run out of W words!
I really didn't do too much today. This was all done as I waited for the washing machine to finish. A little trial that didn't go where I thought that it would, which I suppose is what we should expect. I've not got these pictures in order but I can explain as I go along. 

 Nice Kit Kat wrapper...this is the large one from the multi wraps, silver inside. Anyway these pieces show the wrapper a bit shrivelled and painted. The background fabric is calico which I smeared some yellow acrylic paint on first.
 As you can see in the photo above I have used the painted piece to print onto the fabric.
 This one above is getting back to the beginning, my first thoughts. I originally decided to melt the foil wrapper with the iron. NB. protect the iron & the foil with baking parchment. It is literally a case of laying the iron down onto the baking parchment with the foil  below and quickly lifting it off. It is that simple! You may want to repeat it but you start to lose the shine of the foil and it can flatten rather than leave all these nice cell like shapes. Don't expect them all to work, I probably got about half that worked ok.
Some of the pieces were great like the one above...others not so.
These two photos, above and below show the before and after print. I used a metal scraper to put on the paint and rubbed over the back with my hand. The foil is pretty robust so it shouldn't come to much harm. You could use an old credit card to scrape the paint on if that's what you have.
Back to the beginning again with the one below. After melting I thought that I would glue the foil onto the fabric. As I started to colour the surface of the foil and the fabric the foil started lifting a little. I eventually got fed up and removed the foil and was left with a lovely glue shape on the surface. I will add a bit more colour to it when I get a chance. I thought that it left a rather interesting shape so I tried it again and it was rubbish. Probably a bit too impatient me thinks anyway it didn't work so I'll give it another go sometime. 
All these things I've been trying are not new it's just that I've come across them by accident. If I'd thought about it I may well have tried out these techniques but that really wasn't in my mind when I started. Basically a quick creative fix that turned out quite nicely thank you.
Just as an aside and not that great a photo but this was a huge bumble bee that landed at my feet when I was hanging out my washing. It was a lovely day and really quite warm in the sunshine. I ended up spending the rest of the morning in the garden. A fruit pancake and a coffee, something to read and a comfy chair...then some hard graft in the weeding department.

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