Sunday, 9 March 2008

9th March...

...this is day seven, already lagging behind. Anyway here is a continuation from the last post!
As you can see I was playing around with some Lutrador. My sister brought it over from Australia with her last year and we had a little play with it I know that I can get it here but it was fun. I never got round to writing up the notes so hope I get this right. The photo above shows the Lutrador bonded onto two pieces of felt and one piece of calico, some free machining and a blast of hot air!
We continued with the samples by trying out the soldering iron as well. I liked the way you can draw with it and get more defined holes and patterns.

The black and red on the left is one of my Indian wood printing blocks (still with the red paint on it!) this was printed onto the yellow felt before the Lutrador was bonded on. We added some free machining echoing the wood block design.

This was the result once it was blasted with the hot air tool along with the photo from my last post (it had some cable free machining as well) .
I suppose you could go on to add some hand stitching and beading but I think I'll just keep it as a sample. I may try and melt it again to reveal more of the red stamping below.
That's it for now.


Barbara said...

I love playing with lutradur...its wonderful
xxo barbara

artisbliss said...

Looks like you had rather a good time with your lutradur. I have some I've never done anything with, so I'll have to get it out and have a go.

Thanks so much for visiting and posting on my blog.