Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Woo,hoo on time today!
In fact the only thing I've worked on this week are these. I've even worked on some of them today!  
I've been making these for the Pittenweem festival. I really need to have a whole load of work done for it and only have a few more free weeks to work on stuff. Oops, obviously left it to the last minute as usual! 
These are a few of my little textile leaves that I thought would make good necklaces. Well it's really a wire choker but I'll just call them necklaces.
The textile pieces are all about 2 1/2" x 1".

Just my usual style, layers of fabric topped with lots of free machine embroidery on a felt backing. The cottons I've used are my own hand dyed pieces and hand coloured velvet. I've used a selection of bought sheers and silks as well. 
I've tried to make my machining a bit more scribbly this time. 
I'm hoping they will prove to be successful. I like to have something new for the festival. I quite like the idea of a series so I may do some matching brooches.
Think that's it for now.

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