Wednesday, 9 May 2012


 Here we are Wednesday again. I've only taken a few photos this time. I was working on a project this morning which I hope I can reveal later but for now it'll have to be what I did this evening.
 I've had a few bits and pieces lurking around for a while so I decided to try and revamp them. I added a little more machining in another colour on the flowers. I had a few pieces that basically haunted me, I could never get rid of them! So I decided to add a few snips of fabric on top then a quick whirl of contrasting stitching.  

Sorry the photos are a bit dark. That's what happens when you take them under an electric light with no flash. Basically too late at night doesn't help.
Another blast from the past, this one definitely has been around for a very long time. I was determined to do something to enhance it so I did some free (motion) machine embroidery in a dark blue thread. I think I can use it now.

This one I like but am a bit concerned that it looks like an eye! That'll probably annoy me.
Also I see that it looks like I've added beads but it's just the lurex thread catching the light.
Got to go, I think I'm into Thursday now and that'll never do for my working Wednesday!
PS> I'll probably use these on cards...surprise, surprise!

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