Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 This is my third attempt to upload photos to blogger. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on my netbook and it's slower or if it's because it's a really busy time. Anyway, third time lucky and I've managed to upload three out of the six I'd intended to show. Better than none I suppose.
These are from another set of birds although the one above looks as if it's a birthday cake!
I really like the pink and green flowery fabric but I'm not sure if I've got much more of it. I'm sure there will be another 'favourite' to take it's place soon. In fact I rather like the little bluebird fabric below.
Yes, if you can read them, the words on the song sheet in the background say 'Goddess of the blue'.  I suppose you could use these random words or sayings that appear when you work in mixed media as inspiration for another piece, or at the very least you could use it for the title ...if you had time...that is. Just a thought.
Oh well, I'll give uploading another shot soon. I'm starting to build up a number of photos to post. Until the next time, byeeeeee!

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