Sunday, 21 August 2011

Little snips...

 from my new bird designs. You can see the full picture of a few of them on my other blog.
 They are little collages that are a mixture of paper and fabric finished off with some free machine embroidery. I love scribbling with the machine.
 I had great fun making them and will be making lots more in the near future. They are a great way to use up all my tiny snips of fabric and lace. It's a bit worrying as I'm now keeping the teeny, tiniest wee bits of!
I love how they are all basically worked the same yet each one is unique. Some end up wth chunky birds and some with skinny birds. it all depends how I machine them. That's the last thing to be done after the collaging, the free machining so I really have to be in the mood as I can ruin it with one miss judged line. I've been lucky so far any dodgy lines have added a little character to the bird, whew!
That's all for now.
Back soon!

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