Sunday, 27 February 2011

Stirling revisited!

A while back...28th September 2010 post...I showed a picture of the work I'd done at the Embroiderers' Guild Scottish Branches Summer School in August. I was in a class taken by Louise Baldwin (brilliant by the way!) we were working on lines. We produced some artwork from our source, mine was The May Island in the River Forth. We then transferred our artwork into a series of machined lines. Cords, braids wired, fabric, yarns basically anything went if it was appropriate to your source and it made a line!.
I think that back in September! I'd promised to show some close up photos of my work. Well, her they last!

I liked how you could combine little bits of fabric and beads within these lines. 
Some of the lines turned out quite delicate and fine 
While some of them looked more agressive and bold.

This one is much broader but still looks quite delicate.
The one below has delicate areas but doesn't look very fine.  

These are just a few of the photos that I took em... just the other day! Talk about being prepared...I'll put the rest on my Flickr page.
Bye for now.


Gabriela said...

Love what you did here!

ominnimo said...

Many thanks! :o)
Thanks for the comments on my other blog. It isn't allowing me to comment on it for some reason. :o(