Wednesday, 16 February 2011

back again!

Hi folks! Thought it was about time for me to come back to blogland.
I've have been keeping myself busy but never managed to blog about it. Tisk, tisk. I aim to add to this more often from now on. It may be a bit random as to the subject matter but I will try to continue to post about my stitching bits and pieces as I go along. Of course to start me off again you'll see that it's not stitched pieces at all but a little bit of printing. Just because I like it!

A bit of rollering and stamping here and there.
 I treated myself to some alphabet blocks recently which need a bit more experimenting with. I do like a bit of text in textiles!

We can't forget good old monoprinting. I love it!
Here I've tried a little fish print in positive and negative.

You can just see the negative image in the photo above. The top one is done by carefully laying the fabric down onto the inked surface, then drawing the image onto the back of the fabric. I'm sure most people will know how to do it. I don't use ink, I use acrylic paint straight from the tube. If you do that you must work quickly before it dries. It's probably worth while getting a medium that delays the drying process it would make a big difference. 

Having a play with my alphabet stamps and I liked the colours that were on the paintbrush at the time.
I'm not sure if my printed fabric piece worked all that well. It may be better when it's cut up into smaller pieces.
I'm a lot happier about the little fish prints and can see myself working on them. Eventually! I'll keep you posted.
That's all for now.

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