Monday, 19 April 2010

Flower power....

 I'd decided to use the Easter bonnet as a prop for my flower brooches for the craft fair as I've mentioned before so I thought that it was a good idea to use it again to show off my flower brooches for Etsy. Yes, I've finally decided to open up my shop.  I had quite a few flower brooches made so thought that they'd be the perfect starting point. Not too sure how it'll work out as I've noticed that there are hundreds of flower brooches out there so it'll be a miracle if anyone finds mine... and then likes it enough to buy it! Oh well, it's worth a try. 
I started taking some photos outside because it was nice and sunny but didn't think that the background helped them so I retreated indoors. 
Next I thought that it would be a good idea to try and stage the photo as I had found an old polystyrene head form, draped some sheer fabric round it and plonked the bonnet on the top and stood it next to a large letter "M" on an old desk. I quite liked the idea of an object that's for sale in amongst other things.
It's amazing how you can look at a thing for ages and never see the obvious. I didn't notice until I was selecting the photos to use to promote my flowers that I suddenly noticed how large the flower looked. Positively huge! Should have realised that the bonnet was a childs size!!! The flower is fairly big at almost 3 1/2" square but it's not a big as it looked in some of the photos.
I ended up retaking a lot of the photos but have decided to show one of the staged photos along with the new ones...I think!
Positively huge!!!!!

Staged photo! Also could do better on the fabric draping I think!
Etsy shop nearly this space!

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