Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter bonnet...

I made a couple of bonnets this year or rather I decorated them! They only cost me £1 each so I was really pleased.I posted a few pictures on flickr of the first bonnet which I put in the window at Funky Scottish, Pittenweem, Fife.
This one I used as a prop at the April Morningside Makers Market.
I've been having a go at making some of the little burnt flowers and  thought that they would make a good show with my flower brooches. It certainly made the hat a bit more interesting. I have to say that they are hugely addictive so if you want to try making them there are plenty of tutorials online. I made mine outside as I wasn't too sure about the fumes when the synthetic fabric melted. It certainly proved challenging, you only need the slightest of breeze to set everything flying including the candle flame!

It's been a lovely sunny day here today and I end up taking the pictures at night with a flash!!! Crazy!!
I know that it's past Easter but hope you all had a good time! :o)

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Acoustic Wave, East Neuk, Scotland said...

Love the bonnets! Really pretty ;)