Friday, 27 February 2009

printing... are a few of the promised images of my play with printing. I was using a combination of acrylic paint, printing ink and markal stick on calico. I decided to cut out some shapes from the printed fabric and attach them to purchased calico bags by way of free machining. I used the printing as a guide for my stitching.
... oh, goodness there's a little heart !! :o)
...playing with the machine, I love it !
It was great to follow the printing and just see what shapes you ended up with...

... with of course a little added twirl here and there just for good measure! Never!! another heart, well who would believe it!!! :o) oops, just realised that's the same photo!!, Oh well, wonder what the photo was that I missed!

All those extra twirls here and there made a big difference to the design on the reverse. A bit of a floral theme going on here as well!

That's it for now,
Byeeee ! :o)

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