Tuesday, 24 February 2009

2009 stuff...

This is a little bit of fabric making similar idea to the fabric I made for the Valentine's hearts. In fact that is what I'm going to make with this piece of fabric. More hearts, surprise, surprise. ....
I really must come up with another shape soon...
I tend to take lots of photos then only post a few. Thought that I'd put more up this time. (oops, it's taking longer thatn I thought, I'll post the rest soon!)
Mind you they are starting to look pretty similar! It's probably not worth putting masses of the same.
Think that three of this is more than enough!

This one is a little picture, landscape, standin' stanes, that kind of thing. Just made up out of my head. It is a combination of free machine embroidery and embellished marino fibres.
Think it's nearly finished now.
This was it earlier much earlier... in fact I started it last year!

I've got some pictures of fabric I've printed but think I'll keep them for the next post.

That's it then, for now,



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