Tuesday, 25 November 2008


... found these photos. I have this piece hanging around. Could probably call it WIP , yes think I will as I really don't think it's finished. I'm at a bit of a dead end with it. Really should have it pinned up on the wall to inspire me but haven't got that far...
I quite like parts of it but as there is no artwork to go with it (naughty, naughty!) I'm not sure which direction to take with it.
...mmmm, think that last one looked like it had a heart in it, can't imagine where that could have come from!!!
Anyway here it is in its unfinished state, or maybe I should just call it finished!!
...mmm...maybe, not!
Think I'll pin it up!!


Kayla coo said...

Hello, I love the colour combination, well worth framing.

ominnimo said...

Thanks Kayla coo. Glad you like it.

Waltraud said...

So beautiful,