Wednesday, 16 July 2008


No way!! Can't believe that time is going so fast. Thought I'd give you a bunch of flowers to say sorry for the lack of posts!
a little bit of colour to help us on our way.
Here's a little WIP you can see most of it was done on the embellisher. Oh!
You'll never believe what I did. I dropped one of the little black screws that hold the needles in place! Yes, it bounced on the wooden floor, bounced to who knows where! I managed to track down someone who had them and arranged to get them sent to me. That done I thought that I'd shuffle things round a bit in my workroom. I hauled a huge bag of fabric out into the hallway, turned round and there it was right in front of me, yes, that little black screw staring up at me. Result! I couldn't believe that I'd found it. I carefully laid it up on the machine and finished tidying up (only a little bit you must understand) I moved a piece of work I had been doing at the embellisher and noooooo!, it knocked the little screw off on its travels again , bounce! Oh how luck must have been on my side thet day because there it was nestling on the non slip mat under the foot pedal, oh joy! ... Somehow I think I'll just keep those extra screws on order, phew!!
I'll finish on a few hearts...
...for cards, yes more of them...

...a nine patch!
Don't think I'll really be able to do many more posts in July so roll on August when I'll be in the throws of the festival. It's going to be a crazy time. I'll try and get a post out mid week to let you know how things are going.
Bye for now,


artisbliss said...

I'm scared to death I'll lose an embellisher screw. They're so tiny!

Your hearts are wonderful.

ominnimo said...

Order up an extra screw is all I can say! :o) Thanks for the heart comment, they went down a treat at the festival. I need to away and make some more now!:o)