Sunday, 8 January 2012

This morning...

 I dashed out this morning to take these photos. I see that one has focused on the branches above me and thankfully, one on the sunrise.
Note to self - must remember to take my glasses with me when photographing stuff!
This picture is a good example of the 'no glasses' syndrome. I couldn't see the screen on the camera properly and half a bird was the result! 
Finallly got the cheeky devil, sitting on the bird feeder indeed!
The original idea with the feeder and sparrow hawk was a good one I think but just a shame I didn't get it all in one!!. :o(
Until next time... :o)


Michelle in Scotland said...

I also dashed out this morning to take photo's of the sunrise - absolutely spectacular. The sunset was pretty good too - not that I've uploaded my pictures yet! Michelle

ominnimo said...

I'm trying to upload things pretty quickly now. Don't really know how long I'll be able to keep it up for. Actually, probably not long knowing my track record! :o)

Patty said...

I can relate to the 'no glasses' way of looking at the world! Lovely bird.
And wonderful work in previous posts!

ominnimo said...

Many thanks Patty. :o)