Thursday, 12 November 2009

Then there were four...

These are a few images from some of my recent, surprise, surprise, heart brooches.

The first two photos are from my large heart brooches. They get a lot more work done on them. I've applied some transfered dyed velvet and some additional free machining and then I'll bead them before finishing them off. I'll sometimes do some embroidery on them as well.

These two photos are from my small heart brooches.

What about the title? Well for some reason I can only get Picasa to upload 4 photos although I had tagged six. I tried to upload them from my usual source but blogger wouldn't take the. So I had to go back to Picasa hence the four!
This is what happens when you are not really computer literate, havent posted for a while (sorry! :o() and the grey cells are failing! Maybe I shouldn't overdo the excuses!!
Oh well I'll have to do lots of posts now if I can only upload in fours!!!! :O)
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