Friday, 15 May 2009


This was supposed to be me catching up and posting quite a lot today but as usual things never go to plan!!
These two pictures, apart from taking ages to load which is really annoying me, are upside down or on the side and I'm not getting to access them to turn them. Obviously need to do a little bit of testing here and there to get things back to normal! Now I've just deleted one by mistake, grrrr!!! I'll load it another day, honest!
I was really trying to get rid of my "Happy Easter" so that it wasn't the first thing you saw when looking at my blog. It really makes it obvious if you've not been updating!!!
These two are from some of the many unframed pieces that I've been making for recent exhibitions. Hence the not being here!! In fact now that I look at them they look almost the same. Good grief!!
No,the first picture was actually one that got framed up. Yes the picture that's upside down! mmm!
You know how you talk about a bad hair day, well, I think I'm having on a bad blog day. Does that make it a BBD?
Maybe I need to go before I delete the whole thing!!
Maybe I should just stick to flickr!!


Marion said...

Hi Moira
Guess who!
You're probably passing my roadend most days, but we have to communicate in Blogland!
Are you still busy at Funky Scottish?
Thought I might have seen you at Aviemore but no.
keep up the good work!

ominnimo said...

Hi there! What a surprise. Yes, to both road end and Funky Scottish! Decided against Aviemore, thought that I had enough to do just now!! I'll need to pop in now. The strawberries I'm sure will be on the go soon, that's bound to get me there!!
See you soon :o)