Thursday, 19 March 2009

a grand day out..

spent some time last week at Cambo House in Fife to see the snowdrops. They have a collection of 300 out of a possible 500!So what's the first photo I post? Well that'll be the inspirational building on their grounds!!

Hadn't realised until I got home that this photo made it look like there was a light on inside the building which of course there wasn't.

Especially liked this one, of course I'm pretty keen on circles, perhaps that was the reason :o)

Hellibores!! What no snowdrops, well truth be told I'd left it a bit late to visit and most of the snowdrops were going over. I did manage to take a few photos of them. I promise there is one later on... but hey! don't you just love hellebores.!

Love the spots inside this one.

Group photo!

Stripes, well sort of...

Oh yes, sorry about the fuzzy photo but it was pretty windy the day of my visit which really made it a bit difficult, then there was the sun, not that I'm complaining but sometimes I just couldn't see the screen at all. I was lucky and only had one photo which completely missed the mark!!
Oh goodness, another one!

Here they are!!! At least some of the ones that were still flowering. The wind was a bit of a pain but I really liked to see them bobbing their heads, they looked really pretty and delicate.
Snowdrops, well not really, we were reliably informed that these were snowflakes. I hadn't known that but think they look just as pretty as snowdrops.
No stitching to show this time but I'm sure I'll get some ideas especially from the building photos. (I have more!).
Anyway, I've been busy getting some unframed pieces done for the Dundee branch of the Embroiderers' Guild exhibition, it starts on Sunday, I'll do a quick post later with the relevant info. and some stitched snippets.
That's it for now,

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